Neglect is the most common form of abuse and it can cause developmental, cognitive and social delays, among other issues. Despite this, many people downplay the impact of neglect and it’s often considered the "lesser" reason children enter foster care. In this toolkit, we learn what neglect actually is, how it impacts children and what parents can do to help their child start the healing process. We also look at parentification, a common form of neglect.

  • What is neglect and how does it impact children, both short and long term?
  • What is is parentification?
  • What are some common issues with parentified kids?
  • What can parents do to help their children start to heal from neglect?

This Creating a Family Adoptive/Foster/Kinship Family Support Group Toolkit includes access to the Video, Facilitator Guide, Handouts, and Resource Guide.

The Creating a Family Support Group Toolkit is currently a pilot program. If you would like information about these Toolkits, please contact us for more information.

Foster/Adoptive Parent Support Group

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