Resilience is important, especially for kids who have experienced childhood trauma. It’s the key to being able to overcome their early life experiences and thrive. This toolkit looks at what resilience is and explores the two fundamental principles of resilience and the 7 C's model of resilience. We also provide some concrete tips on how to foster resilience in your children.

  • What is resilience and why is it so important for our kids?
  • How does trauma impact a child’s resilience?
  • How can parents instill resilience in their children?

This Creating a Family Adoptive/Foster/Kinship Family Support Group Toolkit includes access to the Video, Facilitator Guide, Handouts, and Resource Guide.

The Creating a Family Support Group Toolkit is currently a pilot program. If you would like information about these Toolkits, please contact us for more information.

Foster/Adoptive Parent Support Group

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